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Soulful Awakening

Guiding people to live as an expression of their highest potential.

The Keys To Mastery


The Pillars Of Mastery

The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. In order to live the life you truly desire, you need to be a master. A master of yourself. Your mind. Your body. Only then, you begin to  live in a way you have always dreamed of living.

Self Mastery

Let go of the beliefs that plague your life and sap your confidence:  

Perfectionism, control, people pleasing , approval seeking, procrastination, avoidance 

poor boundaries, over-achieving, blaming, “being strong”, comparisonitis, imposter complex, catastrophizing

People Mastery

Relationships give us the most joy in our lives and they also cause us the most pain. We are wired for relationships though we seldom understand how to achieve trusting, honest, and conscious relationships. We will teach you a framework where you will create deeper, more loving and more satisfying relationship.

Life Mastery

Weather that means gaining Clarity and Precision in your Purpose, becoming an Effective Leader or reigniting your relationship with Self and Others, we bridge the gap from where you are and where you want to be.

Here Is Why I Am Different

What you think is going on, is not what is going on. What you think you are focussed on, is not what you are focussed on! This is true of every client I’ve worked with.


Part of my living my true nature and purpose is the ability to access the deeper truth that exists within you. It’s this ability to go to the heart of the matter that facilitates quantum change. 


Simultaneously we will be implementing the Formulae to get you the results you want. 100% of our clients get results with the Formulae, we work with you until you do. The only prerequisite is that you are a human being. 


I am on a Soul Mission to change lives and creating breakthroughs and changing lives is what we do.


Who Is This For ???

It’s for those who want to experience something more than their current reality. It’s for those who want experience some sort of change in their life.


The transformational nature of my work does not discriminate. So that actually means my clients come from a large cross section of backgrounds. I have transformed the lives of your “average Joe” who is stuck in the 9 to 5 programme of life, to fellow coaches and trainers who work in the mindset and well being space, to healers who work with energy and seek to delve deeper into awakened consciousness, to business leaders and entrepreneurs who are searching for a new way of being.


So why does this work for everyone? Because what I teach is matersy of your Internal State. Once you start to shift this you will start to notice measurable and tangible changes in your External World, which actually manifests into more health, wealth, love, inner peace and clarity.

Checkout Some Of Our Testimonials


Yoga & Wellbeing Instructor

"The transformation in me has been substantial, he identified things I wasn't aware of that were blocking me."


Business Owner

 “Working with Haider has been a life gift. He has shown me the way to heart coherence”


Business Owner

"I've experienced so many aha moments that have allowed to me to breakthrough areas of my life where I have been stuck"

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